OOAK "authentic" Hitty dolls hand carved from White Ash, as closely to the original as possible. Measurements used are a combination of :

1) The written decimal inch measurements.

2) The original pattern.

3) Photos of the original doll.

Commission your own custom carved Hitty doll, or contact me to be added to my mailing list, and receive notification when a new Hitty is finished and ready for her new home!

Hand carved Hitty doll

Above left, one of my hand carved Hitty dolls and at right, as dressed by her new owner.


Also available- Hitty's bench!

hand made Hitty benches

Hsnd carved Hitty Doll on her bench


Hand carved Hitty dollHand carved  Ash Hitty dollHand carved White Ash Hitty doll



Hand Carved White Ash Hitty dollHand carved White Ash ooak Hitty doll



How a Hitty is born:


carving Hitty, the piecesThe pieces are carved

Above left, I have the patterns drawn on the Ash wood blocks, cut to rough size. At right, the pieces are all carved and sanded.




Now Hitty has her very own Hitty doll! I am carving Hittys for Hittys.

A Hitty for Hitty!

She is just one inch tall, peg jointed including her shoes, carved and painted exactly like my full sized Hittys.

close up of Hitty with her Hitty