Dollhouse Miniature matted, framed art.1:12 scale.

by Linda Master

Miniature drawings and paintings, matted and framed.

I created these drawings and paintings in the early 80's. Then in the early 90's a neighbor cut down his little cherry tree. I took the tree home and built a jig for my table saw, to mill it down into miniature boards. (read about the jig and see how I built it on my blog.) These picture frames are hand made out of the little cherry boards. Now, 2010- I painstakingly matted the art (with scale bevel) then using scale router bits, routed the decorative edges and rabbets on the wood. Then I ripped the frame strips from the boards using a miniature home made table saw! (See the saw and read about how I built it on my blog).

miniature dog drawingMiniature dog painting

miniature horse paintingminiature owl drawing

miniature raccoon painting