1:144 scale Noah's Ark.

Custom, hand-carved then hand painted from wood, these incredibly tiny animals are wonderfully detailed. The Ark is also carved from wood and the diorama is hand made.

Custom hand carved wood miniature 1:144 scale Noah's Ark diorama.

Following, are in progress photos, shown with an American penny:

Designed and drawn pattern.Animals drawn on tiny blocks of wood.First steps to carving the animal.

Carving the giraffe.

These are the beginning steps to carving the animals. First they are designed and drawn to scale. Then the pattern is drawn on the blocks of wood. Then the carving begins.


Carved unpainted Ark animalsThe stages to carving the flamingo.

Above left, some animals yet unpainted. Above right, the stages to carving the flamingo.

Creating the diorama.

Creating the diorama. With the background photo in place, I built layers (the mountain) with real rocks and foam insulation. Then I spackled in between- the "ground". Following, some close-ups of the animals:Animals close up.Close up of elephants.

Tiny chickens shown with penny.Two gorillas on a penny.

I was very honored to be selected to be on the cover of the National Woodcarvers Association magazine- Chip-Chats!

National Woodcarvers Association magazine coverinside cover

"It's lush, it's elaborate...(turn to page 2)""It's little!