Hand carved, hand painted wood 1:12 scale (unless otherwise noted) animals.

hand carved hand painted wood fairies

Above, hand carved wood fairies with their animal friends.

Fairies carved from single blocks of wood, no glue ons.


hand carved, hand painted wood custom nativity.

hand carved wood miniature boxer

Hand carved wood miniature yellow Lab

The yellow Lab and Boxer are male and carved anatomically correct.

hand carved wood miniature Schnauzers

hand carved wood gnome feeding a mouse.

Above, hand carved /hand painted wood 1:12 scale gnome feeding a mouse!

hand carved wood miniature elephant


Above, a 1:144 scale elephant, fully detailed!! Carved from a single block of wood. About 1 inch. Shown with U.S. penny.

Below, 1:144 scale horse

hand carved wood miniature horse

hand carved hand painted wood 1:144 scale zebra and cheetah

Above, tiny 1:144 scale hand carved/hand painted wood zebra and cheetah!

Below, lion and lioness, shown with the tiny block of wood the male was carved from.

hand carved hand painted wood miniature 1:144 scale lions.

hand carved wood unpainted miniature animals

Above, hand carved wood unpainted 1:144 scale animals.

Hand carved wood miniature Noah's Ark

Click here to see this incredible Noah's Ark diorama!


Below, hand carved custom dollhouse 1:24th scale animals.

hand carved wood half scale dollhouse custom animalshand carved wood custom dollhouse half scale animals

Below, 1:12 scale hand carved wood Beatrix Potter figurines.

Hand carved wood miniature Beatrix Potter Figurines


hand carved wood miniature rooster

Above, a 1:6 scale rooster, carved from a single block of wood.

Hand carved wood miniature birds

Hand carved wood miniature birds

hand carved wood miniature bunnies with hand made hutch.


Hand carved hand painted wood pigeonshand carved/hand painted wood miniature parrot

hand carved wood Canada goose family

hand carved wood custom  dogs

Below, some very old work!


handcarved  wooden miniature catshand carved wooden miniature dogs

handcarved wooden miniature animalshand carved wooden miniature wildlife

mouse with dime

Tiny 1:12 scale hand carved mouse, shown with U.S. dime.

hand carved hand painted wood elephant.

This miniature elephant is hand carved (from a single block of wood-not including base), then hand painted.

Fully detailed-- about 2".

Many hand carved wood miniature animals for sale now!

Many hand carved hand painted wood miniature animals for sale now!! Please visit my gallery.

Custom orders taken. Sizes above range from 1/4" to 2". Have a figure done of your pet or favorite animal, or have them done in a scene. See "info" page for customizing, pricing, contact information. Click "next" below for different types of miniatures.



hand carved toothpickshand carved match sticks

**For miniature non working 1:12 scale cuckoo clock kit info, click here. This  hand carved clock is available as a kit! O.O.A.K. hand carved cuckoo clock kit